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Online Muscle Car Swap Meet

MSRA Street Rod Members Welcome!

If you would like to list a part, contact me at JoePenaz@concealcarry.net or call (612) 327-3490.

I set up both GM and Ford rear end gears. I also will shorten Ford 9-inch rear ends, which I have a soruce for. Tig, Stick, and Wire-feed Welding services available.


1 Complete exhaust system; stainless from headers to tail pipes (welded) with used headers, also welded to system for a '70-'72 Chevelle. This will fit a small block engine. I took it off my car when I purchased it. This system was custom made by a guy who worked at a Midas Shop. You will need to look at it and make me an offer. I do not really want to sell it because I know I will regret it later, but you could talk me out of it as I need money to complete my project. This would cost you more than $800 to have made up. Not many miles on system. Headers are in good shape; they need to be sand blasted and painted.

Turbo 400 transmission. Chevy Small or Big block. Just re-built by me (I am an experienced GM transmission mechanic at Cadillac). I can get you any converter you want (not included) $475.

$375 with T400 trade. I also have cases for Pontiac, Olds, Cadillac — I could build any of these.

3 Used Turbo 350 that was in the car I am building. Has a B&M shift kit in it. I did not rebuild this one, but I could. It was working when it was removed and the oil was clean. Found no reason to rebuild it. $300
4 10-bolt Chevelle rear end from '73 Chevelle road gears. I could put any gear ratio you want in it (call for pricing). $275 as is.

12-bolt Chevelle rear end (70-73). Needs gears. Has drums and brakes. As is $600.

With new 2:70 gears all set up $900.

Add $100 for new brakes installed and drums turned.

This is a rare find that came from my '70 Chevelle. It has 2:70 gears in it now, one tooth is chipped. This is an open (not posi) rear end. As is this rear end can have 2:70 only gears. You would have to put in a different carrier, it has a series 2 carrier in it. For $367 you can get a posi unit (series 3) that will take a thicker gear and can go to 4:11. Randy's Ring and pinion 1-800-347-1188. I can install all the parts. Another option would be to find a used open or posi carrier that would fit in it that would take deeper gears. This may be worth it for the right guy. This is a real hard rear end to find in any gear ratio posi or not. I will more than likely regret I sold this a week after I do.

6 4 bbl cast iron intake for a mopar 360 $50
7 4bbl intake alluminum for a 360 mopar $75
8 Turbo 400 4x4 transmission. Fits 80's Chevy Trucks. NP transfrer case (not rebuilt). Good oil was removed from a totaled truck and I came into it. Used $500 (hard find)
9 Carter AFB carbs some modified some not. (Make Offer)
10 BBC vibration dampner $25
11 BBC rods ballanced with in a few grams to each other $75
12 327 engine block from early corvette with rods, pistons, crank — all need reconditioning. Make Offer
13 456 gears for a GM 12 rear end; gears taken out of a car because we changed to a Big Block. They are like new. $100





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