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Street Rods — Pro Street

'70 through '73 Chevelles with Big Blocks

MSRA Welcome!


This page is dedicated to my fellow motor heads. We are a group of different and sometimes very difficult people to live with, especially for our wives and girlfriends. That being said, I am not dedicating this page to the wives and girlfriends. Only us. They knew what they were getting into when they met us. It is too late to start complaining now!

This page will contain pictures of my son, Brandon's, '73 Chevelle and my '70 Chevelle Street Pro. The swap page will contain things like Turbo 400 transmissions I build and other services I provide. I have designed a 4-link rear suspension that does not cause you to loose your back seat in a 70-72 chevelle. I have it drawn up in CAD and at some point in the future will offer it as a kit in plan form and as a complete kit.

I also shortened a 9-inch Ford rear end, which I do myself in my shop. I know “a Ford rear end in a GM?” Well it is the most rear end for the buck you can build. The rear of the body is tubbed out and the rear frame arms are moved in to accommodate the 16-inch rear tires. In the picture you see it with 13-inch tires and can see that I have room for 3 more inches. Thats a lot of tire.

There is also a Swap Page where we will put things that are for sale that we have and/or come across that may be of interest to you if you share the passion for Big Block Chevy's like we do. Feel free to e-mail or call me to see if I have anything you are looking for. I also weld: Tig, Stick, Mig and Gas.

As a hobby I also do specialty custom paint and body repair work.





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