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Plane Cents Bowling Balls


Plane Cents has been drilling bowling balls for almost 10 years. We also repair and sell all major lines of balls. Joe is an ABC certified instructor and teaches high school as well as adult bowling skills. We attend drilling seminars to stay current with the latest drilling techniques and trends. We can measure or copy your current drilling.

Our balls have rolled dozens of 300's. Plane Cents has been the exclusive driller for several bowling alleys and had a pro shop set up at Louisville Lanes. This is a part-time business, so our pricing is very competitive. We sell all support accessories including gloves, shoes, grips, bags, etc.

For more information, contact

Plane Cents Bowling Balls
8775 Airport Road
Waconia, Minnesota 55387
(612) 327-3490

I don't care if you purchased the ball off the internet, $35 plus slugs and grips to drill and/or match.



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Contact Information

Plane Cents
8775 Airport Road
Waconia, MN 55387

Phone: (612) 327-3490
Fax: (413) 487-3199
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